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We provide a variety of physicals for you and your family, including: school, camp, and sports physicals. School, sports, and camp physicals We know how important your child’s health is to you. Our school, sports, and camp physicals help to keep your child safe by determining if they are able to meet the physical demands of sports, school, and camp activities.

We, at Prompt Urgent Care offer you physicals for the needs of your entire family. These include health risk assessments; sports, school, and camp physicals; DOT physicals, and immigration examinations.

Your child’s health is your important concern. We understand that completely and thus offer sports, school, and camp physicals to ensure your child's safety. Through these physicals, we determine whether your child is capable enough to participate in school, camp, and sport activities.

Immigration examinations are to deem immigrants fit for permanent residency according to the Department of Homeland Security. Our specially trained staff overlooks these physicals to ensure that everything is done according to the requirements. Please schedule an appointment before visiting us for an examination.

DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals ensure that your fit for driving job, and it is only after you fulfill these requirements will you get a CDL medical card. This physical deems you capable of meeting your job's physical demands.

Our clinicians are certified in DOT physicals, so you can rest assured that your exam will be conducted appropriately. Just call us to schedule an appointment.