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Workers Compensation

Prompt Urgent Care is your point of contact for excellent medical care, in cases of accidents and workplace injuries. Our staff is ready to assist you on call even during non-office hours. We have always got you covered in situations when an unwanted injury to any of your employee is threatening to have an impact on your work productivity.

We work on a very simple and straightforward philosophy. We know how important it is for you to get your employee back to work quickly and safely. We will start by designing a treatment plan for your employee, followed by a detailed set of instruction to be followed, and how early you can expect your employee to be fully fit. Our treatment plans feature three important aspects: modified work, faster return to work, and continued activity. This helps in making sure that an injured employee has a quick and short road to recover, benefiting both him/her and the employer.

Our physicians have great experience in tackling cases related to workplace injuries. In a day's time of examining your employee and establishing a treatment plan, we will discuss the case with you, so you are aware of all the procedures and time frames.

We save you from the complexity of regulations and documentation involved in the process, so that you have more time to focus on your business. We work with you and your employee, and also deal with the insurer, leaving you worry-free.

Before you visit us, make sure you get the correct form for worker's compensation related injuries from your employer.

Call us or pay a direct visit for more information.