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Trish D
★★★★★    4 months ago
Visited Prompt Urgent Care Center after we were told it would be a 3hour wait at another urgent care center. We were greeted promptly and friendly by all staff. Xrays were done on site. Doctor Jaffer,who saw us, wasted no time with our visit- as all the staff were busy- she called us in and did her own vital signs. We recvd excellent, professional, friendly and very prompt service. Thank you for the superb care-I will be returning and recommending.

Maruf Khan
★★★★★    4 months ago
Best urgent care we have been to. Doctor was very friendly and attentive and took the time to go over the treatments she suggested. The rest of the staff were also very nice. Didn't have to wait long.

Ali Dent
★★★★★    7 months ago
This clinic is the best I have ever visited. The name of the clinic lives up to its name. I was promptly taken care of. If fell down our stairs yesterday. The pain worsened today. I called my physician's office this afternoon to ask if I should get my foot checked out. My doctor's nurse said the doctor would be out of the office for a week. She said I should go to a clinic like Prompt Urgent Care. The staff was professional and friendly, which seems like an unlikely combination. However, the staff here pulled it off. The doctor, nursing staff and front desk employees not only took care of my medical needs but treated me like a family member. After the doctor read the x-rays she took the time to explain the results as if I were the only patient she had to spend time with. My questions were answered with respect and patience. I rarely write reviews. In light of the unusual special care and compassion I experienced I decided to let other's know this place exists. I highly recommend this clinic.

Saima Mohammed
★★★★★    8 months ago
Excellent service. Doctor pays attention to each detail of concern and takes her time. Convenient location and exceptional staff. Highly recommend!!

Tina Eisermann
★★★★★    3 months ago
Fabulous staff! Very dedicated and friendly and thorough doctor! We loved her! No long waiting times. They have always been there for me when I really needed them. I'm a 4th year medical student and I can vouch for the top notch care that they provide their patients here.

Melissa Martinez-Carrasco
★★★★★    4 months ago
Very Caring Staff! Prices were extremely reasonable. This definitely beats going to the ER or other Urgent Care Centers that have a waiting time.

★★★★    6 months ago
Prompt Urgent Care really lives up to its name. It is one of the best clinics I have ever visited. I would recommend this place to people who want a quick medical treatment and not waiting hours-and-hours just for getting noticed. The staff is extremely caring too. Highly impressed!

★★★★★    4 months ago
One of the great things about Prompt Urgent Care is its quick medical help. My friend fell down the stairs the other day. I took him to this urgent care clinic and was astounded to see the kind of care and respect Prompt Urgent staff gives to its patients. Really amazing.

★★★★★    4 months ago
Extremely caring staff, at Prompt Urgent Care, I must say. I have been to this Urgent clinic a couple of times and I would say that it is the best in urgent medical help field. No long waiting times and patients treated with care.

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